mykalingo quality process

myKalingo quality process

Quality is essential for us. It’s part of myKalingo business model. We spend lots of time hunting for good suppliers and best quality/price ratio products. We don’t sell products from suppliers with bad, average customer reviews; And products with above customer feedback are removed from our catalog. Because we want to maintain a high customer satisfaction we monthly curate our catalog; As a result 99.5% all our products receive near to 5 stars reviews. This ensures that we keep our customers satisfied. As we base this quality process mostly on reviews, it’s very important that you leave a review of the product as soon as you receive it. This will allow us to continue proposing products that meet higher customer satisfaction. So you can with confidence at knowing we work for you and knowing our products have already been vetted by customers across the globe. Even if you see don’t a star review on products, we guarantee that those products have already been vetted by us and by customers across the globe.

While curating our catalog to maintain its quality, you may see products get removed. We are sorry for the inconvenience it may cause. 

Face Mask : guaranteed quality

We care about our families health since our families are buying from mykalingo; The same way we care about our customer health. For Face Masks we review supplier performances every 2 weeks and check overall customer satisfaction is high with reviews above 4.8. If there are customer complains on quality, we discontinue the supplier. We also check if shipping time did not exceed average shipping time for face masks. If a supplier is below that average, we discontinue the supplier. So you will only face masks that are meet health quality requirements. So we trust our products and guarantee our face mask. You will receive face mask as their are described on the product page, if you don’t we’ll resend you another face mask for free.


at Kalingo, Customers Choose and participate
Moreover, when we see a product that often did not ship in the agreed delivery time, we act, and conduct a survey across customers. During this survey we usually give 3 choices to customers:
-Keep the product in the Catalog 
-Remove it from our catalog and seek other suppliers
-Move the product to a local warehouse, and accept a small price increase.
 Following the customers vote thru the survey, we implement the result of the survey.