Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones Wireless Headphones With Wirless Charging, Led Earbuds Headset For Android iPhone Xiaomi

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Immersive Music Experience

HIFI sound quality LED digital display Hall switch, Open lid automatically connect Bluetooth 5.0 Extremely long battery life Intelligent noise reduction, HD call

Double Composite Diaphragm 10mm large moving coil

Double compound diaphragm with wide frequency band, 10mm large dynamic coil unit, wide sound field, delicate three-frequency interpretation, smooth and natural connection performance, more pleasant music

Hall sensor switch, Open lid automatically connect

Using Hall sensor switch, no need to take out the pairing manually, connect immediately when the cover is opened, the headset will automatically turn on, automatically pairing

RISC processor

Adopting RISC processor, which has the characteristics of simple and high-speed response, high-speed response to touch operation instructions, and the CPU contains fewer unit circuits, so the area is small, the power consumption is low, and the use time of the headset is increased Fast response Low power consumption

Ceramic antenna Stable link experience

Using 2.4G ceramic antenna, strong call confidentiality, long transmission distance, fast transmission speed, stable performance and low failure rate

Bluetooth 5.0 chip Powerful performance

Bluetooth 5.0 chip, bring you unimaginable performance, stable links, beautiful sound quality, optimized management of battery life, full charge can talk for 4-5 hours Talk time 4-5 hours Bluetooth 5.0

Wireless charging Convenient and safe

Bluetooth 5.0 chip, bring you unimaginable performance, stable links, beautiful sound quality, optimized management of battery life, full charge can talk for 4-5 hours

Comfortable to wear As if the headset dose not exist According to ergonomics, it adopts a semi-in-ear design, which fits the ear, is comfortable to wear, and has no sense of pressure

According to ergonomics, it adopts a semi-in-ear design, which fits the ear, is comfortable to wear, and has no sense of pressure

Magnetic absorption is charging Large battery charging compartment

Large-capacity charging compartment 400mAh + headphones 40mAh, 5 hours of music playback time 400mAh 40mAh Music time 5 hours

Silicon microphone design Clear and natural call

Using stable silicon wheat, long life, accurate recognition of human voice, clear call

Binaural separation design

Part of the main and auxiliary ear design, the main and auxiliary headphones automatically switch, the headphones can be used alone or together Single ear use Can be connected to two mobile phones separately Binaural use Binaural use, surround sound experience

Convenient touch Wake-up function

Convenient intelligent touch, simple operation and smarter human-computer interaction Single click Single click Long press right earphone 2s Long press 2s Long press left earphone 2s Press the left headset twice Triple click Press the right headset twice

Universal for Android and Apple

Upgrade the Bluetooth 5.0 version, the compatibility is more pawerful, you can use the Bluetooth function

Gold And Silver

Product parameters

Brand: SANLEPUS Model: WK60 Bluetooth version: v5.0 Transmission distance: ≥10m Charging interface:Туpe-C Operating voltage: 3.7V Battery capacity: Charging box 200mAh Headset 30mAh Call time: 4-5 hours Music time: 5-6 hours Standby time: 60 hours Frequency: 20hz-20Khz * The above data are measured by the SANLEPUS laboratory, the actual use will be slightly different depending on the specific circumstances

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