mykalingo Buyer s protection

mykalingo buyer's protection

Protection 1: You can buy with confidence with We always protect our buyers; If the package you receive is not as described or arrives broken we’ll send you the same product again or a refund if we cannot deliver.

Protection 2: 90 Days Money back Guarantee. If within 90 days you don’t receive your package because it got lost by the post office or if your package arrive damaged or is not as described*, we will fully refund you. But if the package is not delivered due to factors within your control(address issues, absence, refusal to receive, customs issues…), or due to natural disaster, or circumstances outside our control, refund or replacement won’t be available. We can analyze the issue on a case by case basis and see what we can do to help in those in exceptional circumstances. But it stays within our discretion. 

The refund will be done with the method you used to pay for the order.

Protection 3: Every transaction you make on is completely secure and guaranteed by Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal & Stripe.

Protection 4: Higher Quality control. We frequently curate our catalog and remove products and suppliers that did not qualify for very high ranking customer reviews. That’s why we request customers to please leave reviews every single time. This help us only keep products that meet high customer satisfaction.

*Variations in item colors are possible due to screen color and other factors. This does not qualify as being different from the product that was ordered and is not covered by this protection.