Breast Cancer

Let's get it off our chest!

“You have cancer”. Those dreaded words no one wants to hear, ever. I have been told them twice. Each time, the fear of death washed over me. I had to go to be by myself, in a quiet space and pray. Because cancer makes you pray. If you haven’t prayed before, then cancer will give you a mighty push. breast cancer breast cancer awareness

Perhaps it’s considered noble by some to face your fate, whatever it might be. For me, though, no such thing. I don’t want to die! That’s for certain. I regret every time I’ve felt depressed and complained about my life. I take it all back. Life is too precious not to live every day of it, happy and sad and everything in between.

Whatever negative feeling I’ve had towards others, every bickering and conflict, it all seems completely pointless when faced with a potential death sentence. It all washes away from me, seeming utterly unimportant when looking at the big picture.

Eventually I’m filled with peace. I feel ready to get going with treatments and everything that is still unknown. I know I’m not alone. Many have gone through it already, a small comfort. Many of them have come out of it alive, some even stronger and wiser from what I’m being told. All of them certainly richer in experience. breast cancer awareness breast cancer awareness

We are a global community of women and men who have been through, or are going through, breast cancer and cancer in general. One of our designs is dedicated to our experience: “Let’s get it off our chest”. Indeed, let’s get the cancer off our chest, but also, let our voices be heard so that others can be helped.


myKalingo support cancer awareness and people with cancer. So when you buy T-shirts from the cancer awareness  collection, or from the FemaleArtist collection we donate to ground cancer organizations in your country. We send all our love, our support and prayers to all the people, like Hanna, facing the difficulties of cancer.

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