Get to know us

We are a small family owned business. Our family is diverse and coming from different backgrounds; so we'd like our Website to reflect our family.

Diversity is our wealth
Our Values : We welcome all


We are serving everyone on our beautiful planet. We are an inclusive small company that strongly believes in equality between people, no matter their gender, the color of their eyes, color of skin, sex orientation, religion, non religion, or politics.  We are simply humans and we love humans. We are one race, the human race. And of course we love dogs, cats and cows as wells! kalingo T-Shirts
We are beautiful - You are beautiful kalingo T-Shirts
Our Values : We give because we care


We are small, but from the vision we had while creating our company, we knew we wanted to give to charities even if we didn’t have much. So part of our profits goes to charities across the globe as part of our humanitarian engagement. What kind of charities and cause we are leaning toward: social equality, climate change, cancer, hunger…
Our value: Tough on quality, but low in price
Best Quality/Price ratio

We thrive with happy customers, so we spend lots of time selecting high quality products and suppliers at he best prices. When a product doesn’t receive the required high ranking reviews from customers, we simply discontinue the product. This process ensures, that our catalog only contains products that are accredited  by customers, that’s why you can buy with confidence on Knowing we spend time double checking products quality and knowing we have a money back guarantee buyers protection  brings  peace in your mind. You are buying the best quality/price ratio available. Do you know that 99.5% of our products receive near to 5 stars customer reviews?

ExpressYourself Apparel

Our most import collection is the ExpressYourself Apparel collection. We design T-Shirts ourselves and we collaborate with independent artists. The ExpressYourself collection contains Printed and Art T-shirts for adults and kids, mugs, notebooks, shower curtains, beach towels, hoodies, tank tops, and baby clothing. ​

All products from ExpressYourself collection are carefully and  individually printed for you after you place an order. Those products are not stored or mass produced. The themes and subjects that we approach are very diverse.


Among our T-Shirt design collections, we have a collection to celebrate mothers and recognize the role of women in our society(#AmazingMom). The same way we also have a collection on girls’ potential (#GirlsPower) to empower girls. We preach love, so we created a collection on Love pride and the LGBTQ+. We are unapologetic about justice and equality for all, which is reflected in themes like “I Believe In Justice” (#Justice4All #Equality4All ) or #BlackLivessMatter or #SayTheirNames. Our belief that corruption is a disease is reflected in the theme #EndCorruption. We think our beautiful planet is in danger, so we created the #ILoveOurPlanet  and #GoVegan theme to try to express that idea.

Products from the ExpressYourself collection are sourced mostly from suppliers in USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Australia. 

The ExpressYourself collection is always evolving and expanding. It allows you to express your thought, feeling or mood in a punch line. When you walk in the city, you wear an expression that leaves a mark on people’s minds. Those wearable expressions become a channel for your voice to reach your fellow “city-zens”. You can start a conversation with someone, because of a Kalingo   T-shirt. You can meet your future lover because you started a conversion on a Kalingo T-Shirt.

Each designer has their own way of working and creating. Sometimes they publish articles in the blog to let you know how the ideas comes to their creative minds. You can check out the blog periodically to learn about their ideas and backstories.

If you are an artist and would like us to turn your art work into a T-Shirt, do not hesitate to contact us HERE. Profits are shared with the artists.